Gültekin Gürdal is a professional librarian and has been Library Director at the Izmir High Institute of Technology (IYTE) since 2005. He is current Chair of the Turkish University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS), one of the biggest consortia in Europe and the Middle East, with over 140 member institutions, dealing with more than 60 international publishers.

Gültekin holds a Bachelor of Library Science degree from Hacettepe University and an MBA from Kocaeli University. He has worked at the Turkish Scientific Technical Research Organization and the universities of Bilkent, Sabanci and TOBB. He was recruited as a director at IYTE to set up a library for the institution. This involved managing complex library system implementation and various Web 2.0 applications. His skills include electronic library management, online databases, e-journals and e-books, multimedia hardware and applications. Gültekin is experienced in library building design and operations planning, and has recently been working on issues of library management, performance measurement and marketing of information services.

Active membership of several organizations – Turkish Librarians' Association, University Librarians' Association and ANKOS Boards – helps to keep Gültekin at the forefront of the industry, and he has delivered papers at various conferences and has published in local and international titles, including Serials. He also serves on the advisory boards of a number of publishers and plays an active part in meetings and workshops, especially in the area of electronic publishing.

In his spare time, Gültekin enjoys spending time with his two-year-old daughter. He is also the proud father of a 17-year-old son, who is following in his footsteps to become a librarian and is studying library science at university.

Lori Carlin is Director of Fulfillment and Marketing at AIP Publishing (American Institute of Physics) where she heads up development and implementation of strategic sales and marketing efforts, and is business owner of its fulfillment activities.

Lori has been involved in the STM community since 1980, by sheer fate. With a Theater Arts degree in hand, she set out to find a job to pay the bills while pursuing a career in theater. She soon found herself on site at a society annual meeting, running the administrative office. She has not looked back since. That led to a 15-year stint directing membership, subscription and marketing activities for individual membership societies, such as the Society of Nuclear Medicine, prior to joining AIP in 1997. While she still claims to aspire to a career in the theater “when she grows up”, Lori does not underestimate the connection between her acting and directing education/training, and the skills she currently needs.

As a provider of partnerships, Lori's role covers AIP's own catalog of core physics publications, as well as having varying levels of responsibility for around 30 publishers/partners and 200+ titles that AIP supports. In her marketing role, Lori regularly attends and/or provides sponsorship of library conferences, such as SLA, ALA, ER&L, NASIG, Charleston Conference and UKSG, and industry events like the Frankfurt Book Fair and Online Information.

Aside from live theater, Lori is an avid downhill skier, and an active Cub Scout Mom, who has actually been known to say the words ‘camping’ and ‘fabulous time’ in the same sentence! She does have a recently-developed aversion to volcanoes and ash clouds, dating back to roughly April 2010.