This is an abridged version of the Notes. Before submitting an article, please refer to the full Notes (obtainable from or from the UKSG website at

Copyright and reproduction

We do ask that you sign the ‘Licence to publish in Serials’, which grants exclusive right of first publication to UKSG. One year after publication in Serials there will be open access to the content via the UKSG website. If authors wish to have access to the PDF via their own website or institutional repository, that can also be arranged after publication.

Submission of papers

The preferred medium is electronic and text should be e-mailed to The most compatible format is Word, sent as an e-mail attachment. Text should be keyed without layout apart from paragraph breaks, with all headings in lower case, ranged left, each heading on a separate line. Please do not use footnotes embedded in the text. References (see below) are preferable to footnotes. Illustrations are welcomed, but please provide captions and ensure copyright clearance if appropriate. See below for technical details.


Please supply figures and graphics as high quality/high resolution image files (such as .tif or .jpg) that can be imported into QuarkXpress and reproduced in black and white. As a guide to placement (only), figures may also be inserted into Word documents, or placement can be indicated by <Figure 1>.


Please place tables at the end on separate pages. Use only one tab between columns. Indicate approximate placement in text by <Table 1>.


Please send these in a separate PowerPoint file, together with a note of the original URL which should be freely accessible, i.e. not password-protected.


Photographs should be of high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and the original of reasonable size (a minimum size of 4cm × 6cm). If sending a print, e-mail for mailing address.


Please use superscript numbers in the text to refer to numbered references at the end, i.e. these should be listed in the order in which they appear, not in alphabetical order of author. Please consult the more comprehensive guide to reference style in the full Notes.

Journal reference style:

  1. Smith, A B, Total Quality Management, Serials, 1993, 6(3), 16–22.

Book reference style:

  1. Clark, C, Publishing Agreements (3rd ed.), 1988, London, Unwin Hyman.
  2. Schrift, L, Truth in Vending. In: Pricing and Costs of Monographs and Serials, Ed. Lee, S H, 1987, New York, The Haworth Press.

Website reference style:

  1. NESLI Kluwer offer: (accessed DD Month YYYY).


Please provide an abstract of approximately 100–150 words when submitting an article.

Photographs and author's contact details

Please supply an author photo if submitting an article (see specification for photographs above). The author's full affiliation and correspondence address are also included with the article to enable readers to contact the author. Please include this, together with your job title and e-mail address.

  Please submit all material to the Editors, Serials, UKSG.

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