Maurice Kwong has worked in publishing for almost 30 years, the last 24 years in STM publishing. Based in Hong Kong, he is currently Managing Director of Springer Asia, with five offices in Asia's big cities. Since 2010, he has helped to build up BioMed Central's open access publishing activities in Asia.

Maurice has been active in working with librarians from academic and research institutions, especially in the North Asian region. Some of his recent activities include the establishment of local digital preservation of SpringerLink contents and framework agreements on institutional repositories of Springer journals with key national research institutions. In 2005, he helped Springer acquire over 30 academic journals by co-publishing with Chinese STM publishers. To date, this Chinese Library of Science programme consists of almost 100 academic journal titles managed by a team of international and local editors in Beijing.

He is a regular speaker at the STM Association Asian Intensive Course in Journals Publishing, where he shares his licensing sales experience with the participants from various STM publishing houses. Maurice is also a member of the Library Relations Working Committee of STM.

By joining the Editorial Board of Serials, Maurice hopes to encourage fellow Asian colleagues to submit and publish their new ideas.

Maurice has a number of hobbies. They include listening to music from his vinyl collection on vacuum tube stereo equipment, taking photographs with old cameras using medium- to large-format films and sport. He is married with one son, Adrian (17) and needs to work harder in the next few years as Adrian is considering having his higher education either in the UK or in the USA. Linda Lindström started her career as a serials librarian at Chalmers University of Technology, and now works as Head of Acquisition and Cataloguing at the Karolinska Institutet University Library, a move that made it possible to return to her beautiful hometown of Stockholm, after spending most of her adult life in Gothenburg. Walking around the city and rediscovering it is something Linda enjoys immensely.

A librarian for 22 years, Linda loves her work and the challenges and rapid changes that it brings: from working with print journals through her first e-journal agreement in 1996 to her more recent involvement in various national co-operative ventures to do with acquisitions and access to e-resources. She even has a soft spot for statistics – something that, if anybody had told her in advance, would have made her laugh. To strengthen and develop evaluation of what the library is buying is something she feels is even more important now than ever.

Linda's favourite hobby is travelling. Though difficult to pick an all-time top spot, one that surprised her in a very positive way is Marrakesh.

Her first UKSG annual conference was in 1991 in York, and the strongest memory from that conference was the fact that a publisher mentioned during a workshop that he always disregarded the first claim for a missing issue. After that, Linda consequently wrote ‘second claim’ on each first one! Linda is looking forward to this year's conference in Harrogate and the opportunity to contribute to the development of Serials in her new role as member of the Editorial Board.

Photo by Stefan Zimmerman