daveyp: LMS server backups checked and email inbox cleared — time to get dressed and go to work!

An automated script has just started running which updates the library's new book RSS feeds, e.g. http://bit.ly/gfCbeI

The script also updates the RSS feeds for each course, so students get a list of relevant new books within the uni portal

3 new blogs set up for various projects running in the library

Trying to remotely troubleshoot a problem with the ebrary ebook reader plugin :-S

Helpfully, all of the Google results for “download ebrary reader” go to 404 pages :-S e.g. http://bit.ly/hTim89

Wish university staff wouldn't assume I can drop everything and suddenly spend a day working on something for them

Upgrading a MediaWiki install to see if we can get the LDAP AD plugin working again

MediaWiki install upgraded and finally fixed the LDAP extension problem. Time for some lunch!

I guess ebrary don't want me to contact their Support Dept :-S http://bit.ly/hLLwNu

Troubleshooting an e-journal access problem — how can you have a coverage range that excludes some issues from within that range?

Not sure the student will be happy with “well, we subscribe to every issue of the journal except the one you're wanting” :-D

With his short stumpy arms, the T-Rex made a very poor shelver

Schrödinger's Catalogue — the book is neither in the library nor not in the library, until you check the OPAC

Worcester Sauce French Fries — FTW!!! (“each packet contains 83% of your daily allowance of Worcester Sauce”)

Sneaking in an hour or two's development work on the new reading list system

Helping a colleague archive a Ning site

Getting those 4 o'clock blues. Need coffee, chocolate and/or cake to make it through the next hour :-S

Hard times in Tech Services — the only Quality Street1 left in the tin are the Toffee Pennies :-S

Speaking of Quality Street, one of the joys of catching a train at Halifax Station is the odour wafting from the Nestle factory :-D

Hearing a rumour that the Subject Team on Floor 2 have bought one of these monsters http://amzn.to/edsxqW #Staplertastic

I'm looking forward to seeing their review for the Rexel Optima 70 Electric Stapler on Amazon :-D

Wow — it even has an “illuminated staple placement guide” :-D …shame it didn't come with any instructions :-D [By this point several other Tweeters had joined in the stapler stream …]

I thought all librarians were highly trained and fully competent with all types of stapling devices?

I'd heard rumours about the Brotherhood of Ninja Stapling Librarians

After waiting 20 minutes, it's probably safe to assume that the Windows Explorer Search is never going to open :-S

The Brotherhood of Ninja Stapling Librarians is open to all who know the secret SCONUL password

One last check of the email for today — reading a few mailing list posts from the US