Editorial  203

Introducing our Editorial Board – Mary Joan Crowley and Arend Küster  205

People in the News – Maja Maricevic  206

Profile – Regina Romano Reynolds  208

34th UKSG Annual Conference

Collections 2021: the future of the library collection is not a collection  Rick Anderson  211

Open library environments  Ken Chad  216

The Irish Research eLibrary (IReL): its survival through economic crisis  Monica Crump  220

Driving usage – what are publishers and librarians doing to evaluate and promote usage?  Sarah Pearson and Christian Box  225

Reprocurement of a national ‘core content’ collection for the NHS  Celestine Johnston  234

General articles

The China bull in the publishing shop  Benjamin Shaw  238

Mashups and open data in libraries  Owen Stephens  245

Improving access to scholarly research in Africa: open access initiatives  Matthew McKay  251

ProQuest's Early European Books  Matt Kibble  255

Digitization at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, including an interview with Bruno Delorme  Bruno Delorme  261

Keeping libraries relevant in the Semantic Web with resource description and access (RDA)  Barbara B Tillett  266

On the advantages of negotiation  Liam Earney  273

Key Issue

Collective Action for the Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID)  Martin Fenner, Consol Garcia Gómez and Gudmundur A Thorisson  277

Spotlight on people

A day in the life of an assistant librarian – Maria Tourna  280

A day in the life of a prison librarian – Rachel Westworth  282

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Notes for Contributors  289

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