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CD Versus the Printed Word


Anne M K Collins


Do we have to assume that compact discs and the printed word are in competition with each other? If we do, the areas of conflict are those where resources are under most pressure-money, time, and space. Each of these aspects is considered; a comparison is made between the costs of the printed word and CD versions of databases, the demands of a CD service on library staff time are compared with the potential saving in time for users, and the relative storage capacities of paper products and compact discs is described. The CD-ROM Users Club introduced at the Medical and Dental Library at the University of Leeds as a means of controlling the use of the service is also described.
How to Cite: Collins, A.M.K., 2006. CD Versus the Printed Word. Serials, 2(3), pp.39–44. DOI:
Published on 19 Sep 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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