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The Electronic Book and Future Delights


Bela Hatvany ,

Frank Lukey


This is a light hearted but absolutely serious look at the fantastic changes which are going to hit the library world when the printed book is rapidly displaced by the Electronic Book. It reviews the last 30 years of developments in the computer world so as to establish trend lines. It looks at a few current realities; for example, a single chip which can contain much more information than a large book. It then projects these into the next decade and shows how they will inevitably result in the box of delights, which we are calling the Electronic Book. It will enumerate the advantages of this creation and leave it to you to realize that the 500 year era of print is drawing to a close. It will also look at the radical changes which are currently beginning in reference libraries, especially in the USA.
How to Cite: Hatvany, B. and Lukey, F., 2006. The Electronic Book and Future Delights. Serials, 3(1), pp.42–45. DOI:
Published on 13 Sep 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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