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CD-ROM And Beyond


Tony McSeán


This paper is to some extent a follow-up to the recent article by Derek Law and myself in the Library Association Record1. This has aroused a great deal of excitement, and no fewer than three follow-up articlesu4. Among other things, I hope that it will go some way to contradict the suggestion that Derek and I are in some way anti-CD. To set the record straight, the BMA Library has two sets of the CSA Medline discs; our CD-ROM workstations are used every day, mostly by members but also by staff putting together "quick-and-dirty" literature searches; we are about to buy a third disc drive to replace an antedeluvian and out-of-maintenance Philips unit; if we had no CD-ROM Medline subscription, we would place one tomorrow.
How to Cite: McSeán, T., 2006. CD-ROM And Beyond. Serials, 4(2), pp.47–52. DOI:
Published on 13 Sep 2006.
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