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E-Journals in an Industrial Environment


Ian Bell ,

Fytton Rowland


Surveys of both Information Services staff and research staff at a large pharmaceutical company have revealed considerable enthusiasm for the use of electronic scientific journals. Research staff seemed more knowledgeable about electronic journals than Information Services staff thought they were, and perhaps more so than some Information Services staff themselves were. This finding contrasts with the situation found in universities. Research staff tended to prefer the electronic versions of established journals to newly founded electronic-only journals. Despite some concerns among Information Services staff about their future status, research staff expressed firm support for a continuing gatekeeper role. Both groups of staff agreed that journals would probably continue to be funded through Information Services, but differed on continued visits to the library.
How to Cite: Bell, I. and Rowland, F., 1997. E-Journals in an Industrial Environment. Serials, 10(1), pp.58–64. DOI:
Published on 01 Mar 1997.
Peer Reviewed


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