Reading: Serials Archiving and the Continuity of Knowledge


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Serials Archiving and the Continuity of Knowledge


Ilona Fonyó


In Hungary, as in other Central-Eastern European countries, the continued activity of libraries is problematic. The difficulties caused by new technology, automation and electronics are compounded by the consequences of the social and political system. Libraries have to solve the problem of meeting the increasing needs of users, ensuring access to foreign databases and original documents, while having to make up for decades of backwardness; developing Hungarian databases and making sure that the Hungarian document wealth is protected and accessible. Until recently, libraries, apart from a few instances of bilateral cooperation, have mainly tried to solve the problems themselves. From the early nineties there have been several initiatives to ensure greater progress on a national and international level.
How to Cite: Fonyó, I., 1997. Serials Archiving and the Continuity of Knowledge. Serials, 10(1), pp.78–82. DOI:
Published on 01 Mar 1997.
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