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Criteria for selecting a subscription agent


Rollo Turner


This paper examines some of the criteria libraries might use in selecting one or more subscription agents. Agents do not offer identical services, nor do they all offer all the services that will be discussed in this paper, which is essentially limited to a discussion of the criteria that might be used in selecting a subscription agent from whom to purchase both paper and electronic journals, rather than the a broader discussion of the multiplicity of other services offered to libraries by intermediaries. Subscription agents and other intermediaries also offer a wide and growing range of services for publishers, which range from electronic access and publishing services to the no less important areas of renewal handling and claims screening.
How to Cite: Turner, R., 2001. Criteria for selecting a subscription agent. Serials, 14(1), pp.63–67. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2001.
Peer Reviewed


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