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ISO 2789: What's New in the Revision?


John Sumsion


A Working Group of TC46/SC8 has been working on revisions to the International Standard for Library Statistics (ISO 2789) since 1997. Important changes to traditional statistics are proposed, as well as the integration of electronic materials and services wherever possible. These are outlined. A new categorisation of statistics of databases is proposed. When it comes to statistics measuring usage, in August 2001 there was still some disagreement on which measures are most appropriate and feasible: the points at issue will be discussed. Resolution of these matters is complicated by the different situations in various countries and library sectors. It is important to measure the effect of electronic developments on traditional services.
How to Cite: Sumsion, J., 2003. ISO 2789: What's New in the Revision?. Serials, 15(1), pp.29–34. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2003.
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