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RSLG - whither research libraries?


Tom Graham


The Research Support Libraries Group (RSLG) Report was published in March 2003. It provides a strong analysis of the research information environment, and proposes the establishment of a Research Libraries Network (RLN) to plan and manage the development of that environment nationally, across higher education and other providers. The paper welcomes the broad thrust of the report, but also identifies difficult issues arising from the plans, such as the relationship between the RLN and the JISC, which will have to be addressed, and areas of activity, such as priorities in the development of discovery tools and in e-science, where the plans may need to be modified and developed more strongly.
How to Cite: Graham, T., 2003. RSLG - whither research libraries?. Serials, 16(2), pp.153–158. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2003.
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