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The Turkish National Site License (TRNSL)


Jane Ann Lindley


Negotiating consortial contracts with suppliers of electronic resources is at best a complicated process. Having an agreed statement of licensing principles and an appropriate national site license embodying those principles greatly facilitates the negotiation process and serves to make it more transparent to both parties. In this article the author notes the reasons why ANKOS (Anatolian University Libraries Consortium) felt the need to have its own model license and describes the methodology utilized by the ANKOS Site Licensing Group in creating the ANKOS Licensing Principles and the Turkish National Site License (TRNSL). Main features of the TRNSL and incorporation into it of specific aspects of other consortia's model licenses are explained in some detail.
How to Cite: Lindley, J.A., 2003. The Turkish National Site License (TRNSL). Serials, 16(2), pp.187–190. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2003.
Peer Reviewed


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