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The DAEDALUS Project


Susan Ashworth


The DAEDALUS (Data Providers for Academic E-content and the Disclosure of Assets for Learning, Understanding and Scholarship) Project, funded by the FAIR (Focus on Access to Institutional Resources) Programme in the United Kingdom, aims to set up a range of institutional repositories. The project has arisen in response to a perceived 'crisis' in scholarly communications, driven by inflation in periodical subscription levels and declining library budgets. The DAEDALUS Project has two strands, service development and advocacy.The paper describes the initial development of Glasgow University's institutional repositories and details strategies to engage academic interest in depositing a range of content into them. The project will also address issues such as quality control, intellectual property rights and institutional support.
How to Cite: Ashworth, S., 2003. The DAEDALUS Project. Serials, 16(3), pp.249–253. DOI:
Published on 18 Dec 2003.
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