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E-journals--what do you get for your money?


Maggie Jones


As libraries move to licensing access to e-journals, issues of digital preservation arise in terms of assurance of continued access to licensed content. While it is generally accepted that libraries should continue to provide a preservation role in the digital age, responsibilities are much less clear-cut, particularly with regard to licensed content. JISC has done much work in addressing digital preservation challenges, including funding a range of activities. One of these is focusing on options for continued access to licensed e-journals.The JISC Model licence includes clauses related to archiving and suggests three broad options for continued access. These are: continued online access from the publisher's server, an archival copy delivered to the Licensee, or an archival copy delivered to a central facility operated on behalf of UK HE. The JISC-funded consultancy will scope options and requirements for implementing the concept of the central archiving facility and other potential options.
How to Cite: Jones, M., 2003. E-journals--what do you get for your money?. Serials, 16(1), pp.27–31. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2003.
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