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E-texts--a targeted approach


Leo Appleton ,

Sue Roberts


E-journal embedding and effective utilisation is still a topic that consumes time, discussions and energies across the library and information profession. Even though we have access to ever-increasing, quality electronic resources, we are still unsure as to their impact on learning, teaching and research. Many higher educational institutions now have an e-journals strategy and marketing strategy. This article argues the case for a focused, targeted e-texts strategy, illustrating how lessons learned in e-journals development and integration can be applied within the e-books context, and how a holistic approach based on curriculum collaboration and partnership can reap rewards. This overview will illustrate how an e-books pilot and strategy are emerging from e-journals success at Edge Hill College of Higher Education. A curriculum case study will be explored in detail. Benefits and lessons learned will be highlighted and framed within an e-texts targeted approach and strategy.
How to Cite: Appleton, L. and Roberts, S., 2003. E-texts--a targeted approach. Serials, 16(1), pp.83–87. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2003.
Peer Reviewed


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