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Real@Caledonian: the Learning Café




Based on a paper given at the UKSG seminar 'The radical library: taking up the challenge', London, 13 November 2003

The Learning Café at Glasgow Caledonian University is presented as a positive solution to meeting the need for co-operative and collaborative learning environments. Learning is a social process. If e-learning and e-resources are decreasing the traditional social constructs such as lectures we need to develop alternatives. The Learning Café provides a valuable contribution to learner support. It is also part of Real - the local lifelong learning development initiative in Glasgow. Glasgow Caledonian is now building a new learning centre. How environments, technology and people should be used to support learning in the new learning centre is now being considered at Glasgow Caledonian University.

How to Cite: HOWDEN, J., 2004. Real@Caledonian: the Learning Café. Serials, 17(1), pp.15–18. DOI:
Published on 15 Mar 2004.
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