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An intermediary's view of customer support


Jo White


Based on a paper given at the UKSG seminar 'A day in the life of an e-journal librarian', London, 7 July 2004

Establishing and maintaining access to e-journals can be a painstaking, labour-intensive process full of administrative and technical challenges. Electronic Subscription Management enables you to easily buy, access and manage subscriptions to any e-journal currently available. It gives greater control over e-subscriptions by ensuring quick access and reducing the number of time-consuming tasks involved. An intermediary can advise and help through all these processes. This article will give you a view of how Swets Information Services can support institutions with electronic journal management and consortia services.

How to Cite: White, J., 2004. An intermediary's view of customer support. Serials, 17(3), pp.267–270. DOI:
Published on 18 Nov 2004.
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