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Virtual learning environments: setting the scene


Alicia Wise


The challenge of widening, deepening and broadening participation in education is substantial. These powerful strategic drivers, and a push to improve efficiency and services, are behind the rise and spread of virtual learning environments (VLEs) in schools, colleges and universities. For information professionals this strategic context provides challenges, many specifically related to the use of 'library' and/or 'published' content in VLEs. In this paper it is suggested that a key strategic challenge for information professionals is that many involved in shaping the future of e-learning do not see the relevance of our content and services to their endeavours. Rebranding is needed to transform 'library' and 'published' content into 'learning tools', and partnership between a broader array of stakeholders in the information chain essential for such large-scale transformation of the way content is delivered and perceived.

How to Cite: Wise, A., 2005. Virtual learning environments: setting the scene. Serials, 18(2), pp.107–115. DOI:
Published on 12 Jul 2005.
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