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CrossRef: beyond journal reference linking


Amy Brand ,

Chuck Kosher


The CrossRef network today covers millions of journal articles and other scholarly content from several hundred academic publishers and societies. CrossRef launched in early 2000 as a co-operative venture among publishers to support persistent, industry-wide citation linking in journals using the Digital Object Identifier, or DOI. In five-plus years of operation, CrossRef has grown steadily in many dimensions, including the number of voting members and participating publishers; the number of journals covered; the types of content to which DOIs are assigned; coverage of scholarly and professional disciplines; usage by the research community; and overall technical functionality. This article briefly surveys recent CrossRef developments, focusing on functional enhancements to the CrossRef system.

How to Cite: Brand, A. and Kosher, C., 2005. CrossRef: beyond journal reference linking. Serials, 18(3), pp.199–205. DOI:
Published on 08 Nov 2005.
Peer Reviewed


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