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Research assessment and UK publication patterns


Jonathan Adams


The Research Assessment Exercise cycle in the UK makes extensive use of outputs to evaluate research performance. Gross analysis of these and related data shows improvements in the UK's research competitiveness. The RAE's outputs' database has a separate value as a rich and accessible data source of which a high proportion is information about serials. Because the database is created under stringent conditions it provides a sound way of exploring publication material identified by the researchers themselves as having specific significance. Each record can be tracked to an individual, an institution and a discipline. Analysis of this data allows us to explore the distribution of, for example, serial titles across disciplines and the degree of overlap between them. Analysts can track changing patterns of serial use within and between institutions and disciplines.

How to Cite: Adams, J., 2006. Research assessment and UK publication patterns. Serials, 19(2), pp.103–110. DOI:
Published on 10 Jul 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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