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Electronic publishing trends in India




This paper aims to study the electronic publishing (e-publishing) trends in India, to compare the results with another study conducted in Singapore, and to identify the challenges, opportunities and problem areas faced by the publishing industry in Asia. Findings of the survey show that about one-third (35%) of the Indian and about three-quarters (74%) of the Singaporean publishers are engaged in e-publishing, with a further 20% of Indian publishers likely to start e-publishing in the next three years. A slightly higher percentage of Singaporean respondents over Indian feel that e-publishing has a bright future, but with marketing problems in the region being cited as a barrier to entering into the business. The main reasons for not introducing e-publishing in the Indian publishing houses have been lack of awareness about the new technology on the part of publishers and poor acceptability of epublications among users.

How to Cite: RAMAIAH, C.K., 2006. Electronic publishing trends in India. Serials, 19(2), pp.142–155. DOI:
Published on 10 Jul 2006.
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