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E-books – reinventing the wheel?


Warren Holder

University ofToronto
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Electronic Resources Co-ordinator 

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Based on a paper presented at the UKSG seminar ‘E-book: the new serial?’, The British Library Conference Centre, London,Wednesday 9 November 2005

To quote Carole Moore, the Chief Librarian at the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL): “One solution we have decided on is to invest in a pilot project in electronic books.”1 At UTL, we believe that our users do not care whether the information they are looking for is in a journal article, a section of a reference work, or a chapter of a book; they want the information online 24/7/365. To that end, we intend to undertake a pilot project with a critical mass of e-books, from as many publishers as we can afford, with the purpose of ascertaining how users discover the e-books, how they use the e-books and what they do after they get the information they were looking for.This article will discuss the current thinking of one large research-intensive university library as it pertains to current academic e-books.

How to Cite: Holder, W., 2006. E-books – reinventing the wheel?. Serials, 19(1), pp.15–17. DOI:
Published on 01 Mar 2006.
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