Reading: The cataloguing of e-books at the University of Surrey


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The cataloguing of e-books at the University of Surrey


Karen Gravett


Many libraries are investing more and more in e-books, yet the bibliographic implications for managing these resources are only just becoming apparent. This case-study focuses on the experience of the University of Surrey after the decision was taken to import and create MARC records for e-books. It explores the relationship between electronic resources and 'core' holdings, and the role of the library catalogue as the primary source of information. Further, it examines the practical challenges faced by staff when cataloguing electronic material, including whether to create 'hybrid' or separate records for print and electronic copies, and considerations surrounding the content and granularity of records.Cataloguing e-books can be an effective way of helping users to discover these new resources. However, it is becoming clear that libraries will need to re-evaluate traditional procedures as they examine the new priorities of these unique resources.

How to Cite: Gravett, K., 2006. The cataloguing of e-books at the University of Surrey. Serials, 19(3), pp.202–207. DOI:
Published on 06 Nov 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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