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Economics of open access publishing


Magaly Báscones Dominguez

Independent Consultant
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This article is based on a study undertaken at CERN Library. After a short introduction to the open access movement, an analysis of some CERN Library open access journals from a number of publishers is presented. Open access publishing models are then applied to some of the most important journal titles in particle physics.The results give a picture of the possible implications and the cost of open access in the current environment. Publishers’ open access offerings, CERN authors’ reactions to open access and the probable impact for CERN as a research institution are then examined.

How to Cite: Báscones Dominguez, M., 2006. Economics of open access publishing. Serials, 19(1), pp.52–60. DOI:
Published on 01 Mar 2006.
Peer Reviewed


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