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Digitization in Australasia


Warwick Cathro


This article surveys progress made by the libraries of Australia and New Zealand in planning and implementing major digitization projects. These projects exist within a wider context of the building and management of digital collections, including those developed through processes other than digitization.

New Zealand has developed a Digital Content Strategy which proposes a nationwide digitization programme based on key local, regional and national content. Australia is yet to develop a similar policy and funding framework.

In both countries, libraries face challenges in marshalling the resources and skills required to undertake large-scale digitization projects, and in addressing the issues which arise when they attempt to digitize in-copyright collection materials. The National Libraries have recognized the value in large-scale digitization of out-of-copyright newspapers, and have made significant progress towards establishing free, searchable newspaper archives.

How to Cite: Cathro, W., 2007. Digitization in Australasia. Serials, 20(1), pp.9–15. DOI:
Published on 07 Mar 2007.
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