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UK access to UK research


Frederick J Friend


Technological changes are providing opportunities for easier access to publicly-funded research.While these opportunities for easier access have been growing, concerns have been expressed that current business models are preventing their realization. Even well-funded university libraries are unable to purchase all the books and journals required by researchers and learners.A survey conducted by JISC, CURL and SCONUL looked at six situations of access in one UK university to the research papers and books written by researchers in another comparable UK university. The survey indicates that UK researchers and learners may not have access to around one-third of publications by researchers in other UK universities. The shortfall in access varies from university to university and relates to all types of content but particularly to books and journals from smaller publishers. Targeted additional funding and support for new access models are suggested to improve access for UK researchers to UK research.

How to Cite: Friend, F.J., 2007. UK access to UK research. Serials, 20(3), pp.231–234. DOI:
Published on 01 Nov 2007.
Peer Reviewed


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