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Key issue: Social networking


Charlie Rapple

Publishing Technology plc
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What is a social network?

With the rise of social software in recent years, it is likely that most readers will have heard of, or even be registered with, one or more of the popular social networking sites (think Facebook1, MySpace2, LinkedIn3, Bebo4). These sites provide users with an off-the-peg online presence; registration is free and involves building a profile of basic personal details, along with anything from qualifications to preferred musical acts, hobbies to employment history, depending on the target demographic and objectives of the chosen service. The core function of such sites is to link these users together to form social networks based either on who they know (profiles of friends or contacts can be located by searching on name, e-mail address, etc.) or on aspects of their profile (potential ‘friends’ are suggested based on similarities from research interests to ranking of preferred superhero powers). Interaction between contacts is enabled through a variety of media – video, voice and text-based messaging.

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Published on 01 Nov 2007.
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