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French consortium Couperin: achievements and goals


Catherine Forestier ,

Pierre Carbone


Created in 1999 by four university head librarians, the consortium Couperin is, after less than ten years in existence, the only one in France for higher education and research and the second biggest in Europe. Couperin's main goals are to evaluate, negotiate and purchase electronic information, to share skills and experiences in information and library sciences and to participate in national, European and international co-operation on these topics. As of today, Couperin has negotiated over 120 information resources for its 112 members. National licensing, back-files purchasing, long-term preservation of electronic resources and lobbying at European level for tax reduction are some of the many subjects that Couperin will continue to work on in the future.
How to Cite: Forestier, C. and Carbone, P., 2008. French consortium Couperin: achievements and goals. Serials, 21(2), pp.116–120. DOI:
Published on 07 Jul 2008.
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