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Professional development: a Danish case‐study


Gitte Larsen


This case‐study provides an introduction to the training activities of The Department of Continuing Education and Consultancy at the Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS) in Denmark. On an annual basis, the School offers a selection of around 150 different training courses and seminars for all kinds of library staff in addition to formal continuing education. Some years ago the Department became an independent business unit within the organization and some of the departmental and academic staff offer consultancy, with clients including public libraries, large private companies, banks, real estate companies and governmental organizations, who all suffer from similar problems. The School's expertise in knowledge organization and related areas has proved invaluable. The article concludes with practical suggestions, based on experience, of methods for continuing professional development within the library sphere.
How to Cite: Larsen, G., 2008. Professional development: a Danish case‐study. Serials, 21(3), pp.205–209. DOI:
Published on 11 Nov 2008.
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