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Profile: Vlastimil Ježek


Vlastimil Ježek


There are not many state institutions in the Czech Republic (CR) nowadays whose activities could attract such great attention from the media and wider public (both professional and general) as the National Library is managing to do. Its employees are collecting prestigious awards at home and abroad, unique historical acquisitions are finding their way into its collections, tens of thousands of visitors go to the exhibitions there, and one of the most discussed social topics is the planned con- struction of its new building – the project of Czech- British architect Jan Kaplicky ́. Although the headquarters of the National Library of the CR is the erstwhile Baroque cloister in the centre of Prague, known under the name of the Klementinum, under the leadership of the current director general, Vlastimil Ježek, it presents itself as a dynamic, modern institution. Despite not coming from a library environment, Ježek managed to combine the erudition of specialist staff with his vision of what a library of the 21st century should be like. In order to fulfil this vision, he also brought into the team collaborators from the areas of public relations and management.

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Published on 01 Mar 2008.
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