Reading: Understanding and recognizing excellence in lean times


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Understanding and recognizing excellence in lean times


Jay Katzen

Managing Director,Academic & Government Products, Elsevier BV, NL
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As budgets tighten and funding lags behind inflation rates, academia and governments are moving toward optimizing and standardizing research performance evaluation processes. This puts an emphasis on providing researchers with tools and information that improve their workflow efficiency.This article examines how the economy and other factors have influenced the research environment and how librarians can alter their roles to support researchers in the new reality of intense funding competition and multinational collaboration. It explores the emerging online applications that present data in an actionable way that not only helps researchers and research executives to chart their strategies, but also set and achieve their departmental and institutional long-term goals.

How to Cite: Katzen, J., 2009. Understanding and recognizing excellence in lean times. Serials, 22(2), pp.108–112. DOI:
Published on 07 Jul 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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