Reading: Piloting an e-journals preservation registry service (PEPRS)


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Piloting an e-journals preservation registry service (PEPRS)


Peter Burnhill ,

Françoise Pelle,

Pierre Godefroy,

Fred Guy,

Morag Macgregor,

Christine Rees,

Adam Rusbridge


The need for a registry of archived scholarly publications features in various reports on digital preservation and archiving of e-journals. Online access to scholarly journals brings many benefits. However, there are genuine concerns about long-term access, given threats from natural disaster, human folly and technological failure. Fortunately these concerns are being recognized and a number of organizations are stepping forward as archiving agencies, although as yet with no readily accessible means to discover who is looking after what, to what purpose and with what terms of availability.This paper describes a project to pilot an e-journals preservation registry that is being carried out by a UK national academic data centre and the international standards body for serials. Funded by JISC for the UK, various open issues include whether this should be regarded as an international initiative and whether it should help address related concerns in the library community for information on post-cancellation access.
How to Cite: Burnhill, P., Pelle, F., Godefroy, P., Guy, F., Macgregor, M., Rees, C. and Rusbridge, A., 2009. Piloting an e-journals preservation registry service (PEPRS). Serials, 22(1), pp.53–59. DOI:
Published on 03 Mar 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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