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E-books and user assumptions


Aline Soules


E-books, in all their forms, are now a core element of library collections, but even as they become a larger part of the publishing world and library holdings, users face new realities that they did not expect. Many are unable to deal with e-books in the way creators envision. There are issues of many kinds related to technology, readability, access, borrowing, and the level of knowledge about special features. Undergirding these is a subtle issue that is becoming more obvious as e-books evolve, namely, user assumptions and perceptions about e-books. The author discusses these issues based on various studies and on her experience with students, both in her credit courses and in the general library, and proposes that we rethink the fundamental concept of an e-book.
How to Cite: Soules, A., 2009. E-books and user assumptions. Serials, 22, pp.S1–S5. DOI:
Published on 05 Nov 2009.
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