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eBooks - a platform to build on


Maxim Van Gisbergen


Although still a relatively new publishing format, eBooks are increasingly being adopted as they provide an alternative, and often cost-effective, source of information for students and researchers. As one of the leading information agents, Swets has seen an increase in the number of eBook purchases it has handled in recent years. In order to gain a deeper understanding of customers' eBook experiences, Swets conducted a survey in February 2009 with over 1,000 customers worldwide. We discovered that, although librarians presently spend a relatively small part of their total budget on eBooks (around 9% on average), many expect this to double in the next three years and increase further after that. While research clearly shows there is an interest in the format, as well as highlighting its potential growth, the survey also shone light on a number of the issues and challenges librarians are facing, relating mainly to the selection and acquisition of content.
How to Cite: Gisbergen, M.V., 2009. eBooks - a platform to build on. Serials, 22, pp.S11–S11. DOI:
Published on 05 Nov 2009.
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