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Mini-profile: a day in the life of a medical editor/clinician


Charles Young

St Thomas’ Hospital, London
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Thanks to my dual roles, this is really two days in one: a combination of editing and emergency medicine.

I am lucky in many ways, one of which is that most of my days are very different from each other – there is no typical ‘day in the life of’. Thursdays are particularly so as these, like the rest of my career, are an often frantic mixture of clinical work and editing, and so always full of surprises! Having trained as a clinician at The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, I went on to specialize in medicine followed by a stint in radiology, and finally settled on emergency medicine as the clinical speciality which excited me the most. However, as a lecturer in emergency medicine, I realized that although I loved seeing and helping patients, I also really enjoyed research. Within research it was not conducting the experiments which I liked (much too like awful and frequently disastrous chemistry and physics classes at school!), but rather thinking about what the results meant, how they fitted in with everyone else’s results around the world, and crucially whether or not they were reliable and useful. And so combining clinical practice with medical editing seemed like a dream of a career – and it has certainly lived up to this expectation so far.

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