Reading: ARROW - steps towards resolving the 'orphan works problem'


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ARROW - steps towards resolving the 'orphan works problem'


Mark Bide


One of the more difficult tasks to be accomplished if we are to digitize the 'physical legacy' is that of getting the necessary permissions for digitizing works that are still in copyright. A significant part of the challenge lies in identifying and contacting the rightsholders. The ARROW project, funded under the European Commission's eContentplus programme, has brought together an array of partners to try to develop mechanisms which will help connect those seeking to digitize books with those who are able to give them the necessary permission. This article provides a high level overview of a project which could provide an essential element of the infrastructure for communicating rights and permissions information.
How to Cite: Bide, M., 2010. ARROW - steps towards resolving the 'orphan works problem'. Serials, 23(1), pp.35–38. DOI:
Published on 03 Mar 2010.
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