Reading: Print on demand (POD) as development potential for Africa


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Print on demand (POD) as development potential for Africa


Mary Jay


Independent publishing in sub‐Saharan Africa is underdeveloped in most countries, yet such development is integral to development and cultural autonomy. National, regional and continent‐wide distribution is weak. This industry weakness impacts negatively both on publishing houses and their concomitant parts. Through African Books Collective (ABC), 124 autonomous African publishers from 20 countries collectively market and distribute their titles internationally, enabling them to maximize overseas sales income. Print on demand (POD) is a major resource for production and international distribution, a tool for digital marketing to the wholesale channels, and a means to maintain publisher control over content. There is untapped potential for POD to contribute to intra‐African book trade. The Espresso Book Machine offers an opportunity to tap this potential.
How to Cite: Jay, M., 2010. Print on demand (POD) as development potential for Africa. Serials, 23(1), pp.43–46. DOI:
Published on 03 Mar 2010.
Peer Reviewed


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