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New models for monographs – open books


Eelco Ferwerda

Amsterdam University Press
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Based on a paper presented at the 33rd UKSG Conference, Edinburgh, April 2010

In recent years, it has become widely recognized that in the case of monographs, the traditional business model for books is losing its sustainability. Academic publishers have been forced to become more selective in the books they publish; authors, in particular young researchers and first-time authors, have found it harder to find a press willing to publish their work. In response to the economic restraints of printed monographs, many publishers and academic institutes, in particular research libraries, have started to experiment with digital and open access (OA) publication of monographs.

OAPEN is the first international project to develop an open access model for publishers and stakeholders in scholarly communication. OAPEN stands for Open Access Publishing in European Networks1. It is a 30- month project co-funded by the European Union2, to develop and implement an OA publication model for peer-reviewed academic books in the humanities and social sciences (HSS).

How to Cite: Ferwerda, E., 2010. New models for monographs – open books. Serials, 23(2), pp.91–96. DOI:
Published on 01 Jul 2010.
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